Why Vote for Me?



Originally from a small fishing village in Cape Breton,  I moved to Halifax to attend Mount Saint Vincent University.  Being raised in a small community taught me from a very young age that I had a responsibility to "chip in" to help my neighbor, and to give back in whatever way I can.  This lesson has followed me throughout my life, and as a single parent, I have instilled this same sense of responsibility in my two children.

Last fall I reached out to both small businesses and HRM Planning Department to lay the ground work to form a Business Improvement District for Fairview. Business Improvement Districts typically provide services like street cleaning, capital improvements, construction of pedestrian sidewalks, benches, streetscape enhancements, graffiti removal and promoting and marketing the area. As a non-profit association, they are able to leverage funding beyond HRM contributions to assist with projects. Sadly, with the financial struggles now facing our small businesses, this project has been placed on hold.

In addition  to my community service, I am committed to engaging with residents and helping them engage with one another, with government,  and with other groups to discover what works, fix what doesn't, and staying with an issue until it is resolved.

Broad stroke politics is not the answer, every area has unique challenges and the "one size fits all" approach has no place in our local government. Working together we can address the issues that happen on your street, in your neighborhood, in your community .

I am dedicated to bringing your voice to City Council and humbly ask for your vote on October 17th.

Together We Can!