Our Community, Our Voice


So many images come to mind when I think our area ~ Titus park filled with families sharing a picnic, the Centennial Arena where all ages come together for a friendly scrimmage or a competitive game,  Mount Saint Vincent University teaming with young minds eager to learn, and the stunning sunsets over the harbor.  We live in a beautiful area that has many opportunities!

Our communities have experienced tremendous growth in the last few years, making Fairview, Clayton Park, Rockingham and Birch Cove, destination areas to live, work & shop.  No community is without issues, and ours is no different.  It is easy to pretent they do not exist and convince ourselves that they are not important - but no matter how small, they effect everyday life. 

It is time for us collectively to draw attention to the issues and give them a voice.   At the end of the day, no one knows your community better than you, so doesn't it make sense that it is your voice  that helps shape the changes you want to see?

Together We Can!