Issues for District 10


Over the years there are  many long standing issues that continue to be overlooked and neglected when it comes to District 10.  These problems did not occur overnight, and it will take some time to achieve the change we want to see.  I have listed some of the concerns that residents have expressed to me.

You have spoken loud and clear and I want you to know that I hear you!

The Bedford Highway corridor accommodates 16,000 to 35,000 vehicles per day and contains nine bus routes. There is limited cycling infrastructure and disconnected sidewalks.  With recent growth within the District this number isn't expected to decrease any time soon, so we must find ways to make improvements to the way traffic flow is handled, which means taking a closer look at implementing through lanes,  reviewing traffic light timings as well as left turning vehicles.

Increases in the amount and speed of traffic along residential streets is a growing concern for most areas, and this must be addressed through implementing traffic calming strategies.

Community Policing:
Lately there has been much talk of "defunding" the police department.  I feel this terminology is misleading because policing  is an essential part of our society.  I do feel that resources within the police budget can be reallocated to crucial and often neglected areas like education, mental health, housing, and youth services.

Community policing gives citizens more control over the quality of life in their community. Police become part of the neighborhood, which helps police get a better sense of resident's needs and helps residents to develop greater trust in the police. 

In order to build a strong community it is essential to invest in new infrastructure. The rapid growth that District 10 has experienced in the last few years has left gaps in basic services which have not been addressed. 

I will work to make our communities more accessible to pedestrians, bikers, and those with mobility issue.  Road condition, crosswalks and lack of sidewalks have jeopardized our safety, as well as the safety of our children (particularly in school zones). School overcrowding is a growing concerns for many parents and staff, largely due to lack of planning with our growing communities.

We also need to protect existing green space and work to maximize opportunities to increase it, not only for beautification of the area but for use for parks and playgrounds. 

Affordable Housing:
Halifax is experiencing the kind of growth that drives up housing costs, creating challenges for many who struggle to provide safe and secure homes for themselves and their families.  There is clearly a need in all of HRM for more affordable housing options and it is time for City Council to make it a priority, not just for District 10, but for all residents. Although this falls under the provincial mandate,  it is imperative that all levels of government work together to address this crisis in a timely manner, and I will lobby the province and work tirelessly to assist  in finding solutions that will ease the stress of housing instability for our residents.

Transit is an essential need for many people and we need to ensure that transit is responsive to the needs of all residents.  It needs to be reliable, frequent, fast, comfortable, accessible, convenient, and serve routes for which there is demand.  Some of the benefits to a well thought out transit system include:

  • Reduces  air pollution.
  • Reduced traffic congestion.
  • Saves money by avoiding gas, parking, car maintenance and related expenses.
  • Increases mobility for those who cannot or do not drive.

Community Center:

Since the closure of Northcliff Rec Center over a decade ago, our district has been without a place for youth, seniors and families to gather, that is affordable and offers a number of services under one roof. 

Community Centers are excellent resources for providing families with easy access to events, programs, courses, and general information about the community. Recreation centers play a vital role in allowing communities to tap into the social, physical and economic benefits that recreation offers.I want to bring this back to our District!

A goal without a plan is just a dream....I have the plan, I just need your help to make it happen.